We Can Train You or Your Company Staff in Risk & Personal Safety Awareness

“…Can You Get Home Safe Today?”

Our bespoke, Personal Safety Awareness Training is designed for you and also the Corporate Sector.

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This Personal Safety Awareness course teaches you how to get home to your family and loved ones from any situation. An intense course but inspiring and you will never need to do it again.

It will give you the skills to adapt to any situation at any time anywhere and deal with it as you see fit. MORE INFO


This Personal Safety Awareness course IS Course (1) has an extra day to learn life saving skills and gain information to allow your trips and holidays to be planned so you stay safe and well.

If you have a son, daughter or family travelling for their gap year this course is a serious must have for their safety. MORE INFO


This Personal Safety Awareness course  is for the worker that is based in hostile or remote locations or both. You may have medics and security teams already looking after you however things go wrong.

When it does go wrong, sometimes that support collapses, and  you need to think on your own. MORE INFO

What is Personal Safety Awareness training?

Personal Safety Awareness training is for every day, not just when you feel vulnerable over media or world wide events being reported.

Be aware of your surroundings and environment to react and deal with any situation you are confronted with – To keep you safe and get you home.

It is essential training and knowledge for individuals or UK businesses for your safety or your staffs safety.

“Training & Knowledge are Key”.

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