Why did we start Shadow Team Preparedness ?

Why did we start Shadow Team Preparedness ? To keep you and your family safe. Why?
When the London Bridge attack happened on the 3 rd of June 2017, I was doing medical cover on an event in London the day after and that’s when I decided to write a course.

Why ? because people juts do not know what to do or have the Training & Knowledge and confidence to react safely and make a positive impact on the situation.
So I put pen to paper and in juts one day wrote The Get Home Course – not bad for a man with sever dyslexia !
I found it easy to put myself in your shoes with possibly no prior Training or experience and say what you would need to know in multiple situations that are happening all the time ie terrorist attacks, train crashes, knife attacks, natural disasters, kidnapping and now s we are all experiencing globally a pandemic.
So with my 20 years + experience in Paramedicine, Close Protection and the Military I knew what to pick out to get you through any of these and Course 1 was done.
But…… there is so much more I want to share and yes, we are all learning all the time, but maybe not the things I learn. So if your interested I will be writing more soon.

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2020-09-21 at 11:11 pm

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