Course 2: Gap Year Student / Extended Traveller


This course IS Course (1) with an extra day to learn life saving skills and gain information to allow your trips and holidays to be planned so you stay safe and well.

Course Content:

  • Fire, Water, Shelter and their importance – We take these for granted but when they stop……hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami’s, terrorism.
  • Do’s and Dont’s – Medically, culturally and geographically
  • Every Day Carry (E.D.C) – This takes on many forms whilst travelling
  • Safety & Security – Some places this is poor or non-existent
  • Meds & Medical Kit – We are talking more than first aid, take responsibility for yourself, you may have no choice.
  • Prep & Intelligence – By reading this you have started already so book your place and have peace of mind.

Duration:  x2 Days

Cost:  £385.00 (based on an individual ) – Group quotations on provided on enquiry.

Please mail your enquiry to:

Course Certification:  Posted / Emailed

On full completion of the course, each attendee will take away Shadow Team Training (S.T.T) Trauma and Situation Kit, to the value of £95.00 which will be included in the £385.00 p/h.

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